“Beukenweg / Maritzstraat”

2008 – 2015 public space

This work consists of 98 brass plates, each 12cm high and 18cm wide and punched with white text. These texts represent the statements made by seven residents along Beukenweg and Maritzstraat streets as this single street traverses from the East district to Transvaal. Their words are a distillation of interviews I conducted with them about their lives but each phrase is very much connected with these particular individuals. Quite apart from the personal stories of each individual, there are also the stories of the neighborhood itself, an area with its own underlying issues such as anxiety, understanding, tolerance and discrimination which all play a significant role in the stories coming from the seven interviewed individuals. Each resident is represented by approximately 14 images with text. Together they tell not only the personal story of a number of local residents, but also the story of this vibrant and fascinating area as a whole.

It claims, in a very real sense, a small, identifiable piece of street itself representing an individual history, but also apparently a part of the wider whole, a snapshot of the neighborhood right here and now with the immediate connection between the individual brass plates and it’s place within the wider street.